About Gefest Capital company

Since 1995 our company has been working in the sphere of architectural, construction, advertising, exhibition and industrial design, interior and façade decoration as well as development and installation of low- power systems. These are mainly objects with the use of Hi-Tech stainless steel- works and various audio- and video equipment. The comprehensive approach to the tasks put by is our distinguishing feature.

The structure of the company includes:

The Visioplan project

Transparent rear- projection screens and mirror rear projection units. Sale and lease of complete sets and constructions. System integration of complicated objects. Gefest Capital offers architectural and design projects of video halls, advertising and entertaining areas and home movie theaters, conference rooms and other special- purpose rooms. At the heart of the offer can be either a big transparent projection screen VISIO coming with a video projector or plasma panels. Rear projection provides clear picture that does not depend on the surrounding illumination. The system, comprehensive approach also involves development of complicated projects for installation of audio- and video equipment based on a customer’s needs and wants.

Design – studio

If you do not have a project or a design idea yet, we suggest the development of interior and façade design as well as design of individual objects. Starting with the layout and selecting materials and technologies, our specialists will make your dreams come true. We have a huge experience in the sphere of restaurant, club, bank, apartment, cottage, store and car sale center design.

Metal-working department. Production of metal structures

The department produces different exclusive and typical metal structures out of square and circular section pipes, metal plates and other materials. The client can suggest their own draft or use the drawings developed by our experts. You can order railings, stainless- steel stairs, translucent sheds, Hi-Tech style bars, exclusive furniture, shop equipment, metal columns and other metal structures containing glass, plastic, wooden and stone elements.

Sales department of decorative metal plates

Metal covering of walls: sale of tailor made and ordinary punched plates from stock in Moscow: stainless steel, steel, aluminum and zinc-coated punched plates. Sale of stainless- steel smooth plates and stainless- steel structured plates. Metal floor coating. Consultations on material selection and lay out of plates.

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